Don't imitate. Evolve. 

We bring Mindfulness in your life,

through Fitness

We make Fitness,

Simple and Sustainable

We make Fitness,

Usable in real life

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Monthly Evolving Programs



  • 30 days customised program

  • Ideal for:                                        People who don't need much assistance or feedback

  • Workout time                                       (20 - 30 min anytime in the day)

  • One 30 min pre-assessment call

  • One 30 min feedback call in 30 days

Confidence Builder


  • 30 days completely customised    simple and sustainable exercises.

  • Ideal for:                                        Anyone who has issues with  Consistency and would like optimal feedback.

  • One 30 min pre-assessment call

  • Four 30 min feedback calls in 30 days

  • Most suitable for people who want to add mindfulness to their fitness and daily life and make fitness a sustainable lifestyle.

Complete Surrender


  • 30 Days Elite package

  • Most Comprehensive and completely customised program.

  • Weekly evolving exercises and inputs.

  • Catering to your needs and lifestyle on the go.

  • One 30 min pre-assesment call

  • Four 30 min feedback calls per month

  • Four 60 min Buddy Motivation calls per month

  • Most suitable for people who want extensive care and feedback on a regular basis.

Most trusted program

The Online Coaching Experience

Preethi Aryan

(Single Mother and working professional)

"My posture is better, hips reduced, tummy got tighter, thighs solid, Blood pressure is regulated, Thyroid is in control. Most Importantly, 

I am stronger!"

Rashmitha Dhanraj

(Shamanic Healer)


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“Milk and Bananaz has not only helped me feel fitter, it has also helped me deal with my anxiety. He constantly challenges me without pushing me beyond my limits, which leaves me feeling energized throughout the day. Most of all, sessions at Milk and Bananaz are just plain fun!"

Ankur Sethi (Software Developer)

“Mr Navchetan is simply outstanding when it comes to understanding your body and mind.. He focuses on different aspects of health not merely just physical fitness"

Dr. Vinayak Jyoti (Physiotherapist)

“Nav is passionate about getting people to understand their body patterns and behaviour instead of just prescribing a one size fits all workout.

 To find someone who is knowledgeable, updated on the latest techniques, understands pain - causes and relief and who is an all round nice guy was a stroke of luck for me." 

Sudha Mathew (Homemaker and mother of a 4 year old)

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