About US

Who am I___I observe your Patterns._I ma
We constantly strive to make you independent in your fitness journey.
No two individuals are same.
How can their fitness journeys be?

We encourage 

you to think

- What is your idea of fitness?


- Be fit to do what?

- Who should decide what fitness means to you?

We observe

your current state

- What is your current

bio-mechanical state?

- What are your existing

"Patterns and Behaviour"?

We Listen

- What are your aspirations?

- What are your restrictions?

- What are your pains and fears, queries and curiosities?

We catalyse

- What is your uniqueness? 


- What are your possibilities?


- Are your actions matching your intentions?

Meet Nav

"I am a Habit Reset Catalyst. I bring mindfulness in people's lives through Fitness. 

From a young age I loved to observe everything keenly. Little did I know that I would convert this passion for observation into a tool to help people understand their lifestyle.

I've been fortunate to be extensively exposed to Swimming, Calisthenics, Yoga, Animal Flow, Martial arts, Meditation and various other disciplines in my life so far.

Studying them and applying the principles from the various disciplines helped me understand the differences and commonalities and hence the integration between them.

It made sense to me that "We are a sum total of our Patterns and Behaviors".

We are always exercising, even while sitting, we are exercising our Patterns and responding to the situation at hand with our Behavior. This forms the story of our Body.

I have striven to study, research, apply and observe this constant communication between our mind and body and help people apply and alter their choices in movement through simple and sustainable practices. "