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#4, 9th Cross, 5th Main road

Jayamahal extension, Bangalore - 560 046

Tel: +91 9535476791



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Our approach to fitness is based on our in house method - Body Intelligence.
We constantly strive to make you independent in your fitness journey.
No two individuals are same, how can their fitness journeys be?

We encourage 

you to think

- What is your idea of fitness?


- Be fit to do what?

- Who should decide what fitness means to you?

We observe

your current state

- What is your current

bio-mechanical state?

- What are your existing "Patterns and Behaviour"?

We Listen

- What are your aspirations?

- What are your restrictions?

- What are your pains and fears, queries and curiosities?

We catalyse

- What is your uniqueness? 


- What are your possibilities?


- Are your actions matching your intentions?

Meet Nav

When you meet Navchetan Rai (we call him NAV) for the first time, the first thing that strikes you is that he is full of ideas about what fitness could be, or not be. What those ideas are is slowly unveiled to you.

A man of many interests, NAV settled on his love for fitness - as his choice of career in 2015. The choice was not made lightly. 

From Calisthenics and Yoga, to Animal Flow to HIIT, Gymnastics to Vipassana, NAV has studied it all. Out of this churn has emerged his very own brand of fitness philosophy he calls 'Milk and Bananaz'

Allergic to fads like diets and passionately opposed to trends like Cross Fit, NAV believes that fitness is a personal journey that each one of us has to discover in our own way.

Come meet him. He will forever change the way you experience your body.