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Best Fitness Centre near me

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Join the centre which makes you more and more independent of yourself and less dependent on them.

With the amount of information available at our fingertips it can get really difficult to choose and differentiate one fitness centre from the other. I can totally understand this feeling and hence I have listed down a few considerations before you pay that year long subscription and decide not to go more than a few days.

When you finally decide to make that start to your fitness journey, the question arises, "Where do I begin?"


A great fitness centre provides you with the flexibility to curate a program for your daily needs.

Let's face the truth, you are neither an athlete, nor trying to make a living out of working out at the gym as a body builder. You might have certain desires to be able to learn a certain move, or build muscle or just get rid of your stagnant nature, but the question lies beyond that certain desire.

If it's just a move you want to learn, it is skill learning and if it is weight loss that you are looking out for, then it is just that, weight loss. Fitness caters to your well being, not just desires. Your well being most importantly consists of how you would feel/connect with yourself outside the time of your fitness centre than the time you spend in it. Are you able to apply your practice from your fitness regime to your daily life? It's a worthwhile thought?


You wake up early, put on your clean clothes, smell good and reach your Fitness centre, only to find sweat patches across the room - on the benches, on the floor and if the centre has a food and beverages section then you see the stale banana peels and unwashed protein shake bottles lying around.

Say the place is clean, but the trainer shows up in a not yet washed uniform and that you can tell from the smell around you. I know it feels gross even talking about it. Make sure you go by your instinct before deciding to pay for the place. Watch out for any signs of unhygienic environment. Listen to your senses, especially the olfactory ones.

Not Hard selling:

I remember when I walked in to this very hyped Fitness Centre during my stay in Kuala Lumpur and was greeted by an overly enthusiastic Manager who was ready to sell me anything under the sun. He was so keen to get my money that he didn't care if I was uncomfortable with the amount of hard selling he was doing.

He was talking on top of his voice as the music was already very loud and was hell bent on proving how awesome the place was as it was huge, had multiple facilities including the options of various types of workouts in different rooms and it was filled with people! These were the exact reasons I didn't want to join the centre.

I wouldn't lie, I was taken aback by the size of the place and the amount of options and also so many people being there could be a boon for socialising right?

However, just one question crossed my mind

How long would I really enjoy this? Wouldn't I rather like to do something that I understand than just go and get instructed and try to find fun at the end of every workout?

Also, did I mention already that the place was stinking? Just saying.

Helps you grow, your workout and more:

Why do I workout? For connecting with myself and exploring the possibilities of my body.

This means I can not only do daily life things easily, but also make choices of my movement. Example: Do I sit down without an impact or Do I throw my body with a thud on the sofa?

This enhances the understanding of my bio mechanics and the multiple permutations of my neuro muscular co ordination and a lot more.

I am able to react less to pain and understand the different types of pain itself! Previously, if I had any small pain in the body, I would either just ignore it or rush to the medical facility - Physio, Ortho, Alternative approach, etc.

I now spend time to understand my pain and then move in very small proportions to find the combination of moves which helps me ease my own pain.

From this point of view, life becomes like a puzzle and it's different possibilities, rather than a set of instructions and the right way to do things.

I make more informed choices than just rely on my instincts.

Does your Fitness centre make you just "Have fun"?

Maybe that's what you want, but if not, paying attention to this thought before paying your renewal doesn't really harm.

Helps you become independent:

What is the most important aspect of a Fitness centre? - YOU!

At the end of the day it all boils down to the fact that you are the one who is practicing the disciplines, using the equipment, or utilizing the facilities.

Join the centre which makes you more and more independent of yourself and less dependent on them.

Progressing with the help of the provided discipline is your choice. You can exercise for hours and know nothing about what you are doing. You also don't want to end up knowing the Anatomy of human body at the end of your session. There are reasons why you aren't a Medical student, isn't it? However, every session should contribute in improving your understanding and Intelligence of self, if that is not happening, then Nothing Else Matters.


As you decide to take the leap, below are the points summarised that you can take away as considerations before joining your favourite Fitness Centre(It might not remain that way after you see it from this perception):

The best Fitness centre:

  • Is flexible enough to curate your experience.

  • Is Hygienic.

  • Does not Hard Sell.

  • Helps you grow beyond fun.

  • Helps you become independent.

If you resonate with the voice of this article then leave a like and comment your thoughts and feedback. If you feel your friend can get insight to choose the facility for their Fitness Journey, then help share this with them.

In case you want to work out at home and need a starting point, you can checkout here for some beginner guidelines:

Until next time,

Don't imitate. Evolve.

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