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What are the 2 best exercises to lose weight?

So you don’t necessarily need to sweat to measure a good workout(Oh! Did that hurt?)

Stress away human

“How do I lose weight?”

“I have tried everything and it has never worked for me.”

“I don’t even eat too much.”

“I can’t lose weight. My friend is blessed to have a higher metabolism.”

Are you able to relate to any of those statements? I see at least 3 posts about easy methods or the best exercises to lose weight in my Facebook or instagram feed daily. I often wonder, there are so many methods available, thanks to the times we live in, so why don’t we get the desired result?

Simple math, if I see at least 3 posts everyday and if each of them has 5 BEST methods to lose weight then I have at least

3 x 5(number of methods) x 30(days) = 450 easy methods to lose weight per month

which is 450 x 12(months) = 5400 easy methods to lose weight per year

So much information at your fingertips! So why do you think things are not working? I don’t know who said this but this sentence makes a lot of sense to me:

“If you have tried everything and things didn’t work, then you haven’t tried everything yet”

For a specific reason you might have stopped your workout and have not been able to get back to a fitness regime. This could be due to a recovery from an injury, work pressure, taking care of your newborn. It could be that you tried various methods, but didn’t get what you desire. You tried something and got scared for various reasons. The method was too aggressive, not exactly what you thought it to be, etc. and you stopped working out. The workout wasn’t paced as per your progress. You didn’t know what exactly you were doing. Something just didn’t feel right!

As I always say,

“We cannot prescribe Aspirin for every headache.”

This is the very reason I always stress upon the fact of personal coaching.

Quite often we tend to fall in the trap of not understanding the basics and hunt for a magic pill. Now let me give you that magic pill once and for all!

Weight loss = Calorific intake < Calorie Expenditure

That's all genius? Are you kidding me?!

That’s it! This is all that is! Your metabolism, stress factors, movement and exercise, sleep, everything are the parameters in the above equation.There is no magic exercise out there which is better than the 100 others you have come across.

I agree that some exercises can help you feel more intensity than the other. That also means the intensity of exercises is multifactorial and can be tailored to make you feel intense without even sweating. So you don’t necessarily need to sweat to measure a good workout(Oh! Did that hurt?)

Yep, sweat, tiredness, good pain, etc. are not the factors driving weight loss or even progress. They might be an indicator of the body’s mechanism but they are as unique to you as your fingerprint.

So what really stops you is not that you don’t have enough or the best exercise. What stops you from losing weight is your will to lose weight. Deep down you aren’t motivated enough to even take consistent steps in that direction. Try to think of this. When you really wanted to do something in life, have you not pushed yourself and your loved ones to make it happen? It could be as simple as “not wanting to talk”. When you didn’t want to talk to people around you, you made sure you did. If you did allow someone to talk, then deep down you wished at least someone should make an attempt to ask you what went wrong.

The same with weight loss. If you really want it to happen, you will work on it. Else you are just making daily affirmations to self that it cannot work. As a matter of fact weight loss doesn’t even need a lot of movement and exercise. It needs sustainable work with the simplest exercises.

My coaching programs help people connect easily to their desired vision through the simplest methods. I use around 5 to 7 exercises for coaching as it is the most optimal way I have found through the years. None of those would work, if the clients did not will to put the effort through the program. In fact I have had a couple of clients who dropped out simply because they could not commit to 20 min a day of exercise. For God’s sake I don’t even give restrictive diets! If they had committed to even 1 month of doing the simplest exercises that I shared with them, they would have seen a tremendous connect with the functioning of their body.

They would have developed a better understanding of the fundamentals and realised that it is not the “fancy” or the “trendy”, but the basics, that actually work.

So if you ask me, the 2 best exercises to lose weight are:

  1. Will

  2. Consistent Practice

If you have the commitment to work on yourself, only then contact me for a program. I promise to help you understand your body like never before. Book a session with me here.

Or look at some of the Online programs I offer here.

Meet me half way.

Don't imitate. Evolve.

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