What exercise should I do daily?

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Social media had opened the doors for me to try out whatever I wanted at any given time, without the understanding of the hazards of what I was trying.

Most of my last 5 years have been spent in discovering and studying exercise science and anything related to body, health and fitness. Lifting weights, Calisthenics, Animal flow, Group based workouts, Martial arts, Yoga, I have had a brief stint with all of these and more. Despite having not just tried these, but also studied day and night about most of them,

I still felt there was something missing in my workout

I thought I was not putting enough effort into it, not pushing myself enough.

I was not able to put a finger on the exact void I was feeling in my exercise regime.

Following without understanding

As I expanded my exposure to the ocean of exercises, I found out how much I did not know about what I'm actually exercising. I started imitating the ways of the various people I followed. I used to try out a certain push up one day, then randomly change to another the next day. Social media had opened the doors for me to try out whatever I wanted at any given time, without the understanding of the hazards of what I was trying.

The Learning

This did make feel adventurous, but also gave me a few injuries which took a long time to recover from.

As I observed I realised 3 things

- I was not consistent in my practice.

- I was trying too much too soon.

- I had no idea what I was doing, I was just following.

The journey from there to now has a number of stories, which I wish to share with you periodically. However, I'd like to share a few cues from my learning so far, that might help you with your own exercise practice in daily life.

The greatest tool I have come across during my research through the different disciplines is - Observation.

"With great power comes great responsibility."

So Observation can be coupled with the Best workout tip on the planet - Consistency.

When this powerful combination is applied as Consistent Observation, you proceed towards the Best result that any form of discipline can provide - Awareness.

Once you are aware, there is no further seeking, you will always be connected to yourself and hence be enriched with an experience which doesn't make you ever feel empty. However, this practice has to be done with discipline.

I cannot give you the above mentioned results. Those are to be experienced by you. I can only provide you with the tools that can help you smoothly transcend to Awareness. The journey is yours and only you can travel it.

Experiment 1:

For starters, we can try an experiment together. Let's together do this for the next 30 days in your exercise regime:

Cue 1: Try to observe the amount of sound you make while walking or sitting on a chair. Once you have observed the current state of your body, try to reduce the impact you make during walking and sitting. (Just these 2 for now.)

Cue 2: Try to observe the nature of your breath after every 3 hours and make a note of it (Check if your breath is Deep or Shallow.) Do not try to change the pattern when you observe it. We are just trying to understand the pattern first.

Share your results with me or ask me any doubts you have prior this practice or during the practice.

Let's see what unfolds.

Don't imitate. Evolve.

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